Haigh does the North Pole

Brandy Christmas Pudding & Gingerbread Nougat
Origin: Adelaide, Australia
Type: novelty; truffles

Haigh's Christmas truffles

Yum yum! I really don’t understand why I was so surprised that the gingerbread nougat had the consistency of nougat. The brandy pud was a bit like mousse, but not too airy. And I am obviously unable discern the difference between brandy and whiskey.

I bought these two truffles at Haigh’s Swanston St store in town for just under $6. The freckles were a freebie.

Brandy Christmas Pudding 
Aroma: 3/5 I can’t smell the brandy, but what would I know?
Presentation: 4/5 Gotta love Xmas kitsch.
Taste: 3/5 Nice, but a little sweet for an alcoholic truffle.
Overall: 7/10 I wouldn’t say no.

Gingerbread Nougat
Aroma: 5/5 It really does smell like gingerbread!
Presentation: 4/5 Yeah! ‘tsoright!
Taste: 4/5 Yummo!
Overall: 8/10 Worth the trip back into town.


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